How to Validate Your Products: Seeing the Person Behind the Problem

Product Validation Testing with Mauricio Olimpio

Learn how to perform product validation testing to validate your products more easily by changing your own attitudes & values related to figuring out what your user ACTUALLY wants as opposed to what you THINK they need.

Mauricio Olimpio – Mobile Tech lead at Iterative – is an expert at figuring out what user needs are and how to use that information to determine how to validate your product.

He’s been involved in planning and development of various software projects over the past decade.

Mauricio’s personal and professional mission: Inspiring people to create something better and changing the world one attitude at a time.

Today, we talk about putting humans in the center of the problem because, only by understanding the person behind the problem, can you figure out how to truly help them and thereby validate your product ideas!

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Product Validation Testing - Mauricio Olimpio
Mauricio Olimpio

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